November 2010

Mu Sochua

by socheata on November 27, 2010

I recently had the opportunity to meet one of my personal heroes – Mu Sochua. Sochua came to Yale to show a documentary film about sex trafficking in Cambodia, Red Light Children. She is featured in the documentary as one of two protagonists that is trying to end the inhumane industry in the country.

Her political outspokenness has gotten her in trouble from the Hun Sen government. From, “Mu Sochua is currently battling governmental abuse of power in her own case, where she faces a possible jail term if the Cambodian Supreme Court upholds her criminal defamation conviction for criticizing the Prime Minister. Her case has been denounced internationally as a politically-motivated prosecution that violated principles of due process and freedom of expression.” From what I have read, international scrutiny has persuaded the government to take a lighter hand in dealing with her. We hope that this means she is no longer under threat of arrest.

Afterwards, Sochua and other friends in the Yale community enjoyed dinner in my home where we talked about Cambodia, women’s rights and her travels. I gave her a copy of New Year Baby, of course. She had said he wanted to see it, but did not feel ready until recently. Safe travels, Lok Mieng.