February 2009


by socheata on February 22, 2009

Charles, Bjorn, Mabel and I attended NACA this past week in Nashville, TN. We met hundreds of college students from all around the world. We were there to introduce me to students and programmers who where looking to bring various educational and entertainment experiences to their school.

I remember thi first time I entered the marketplace. Housed in a huge hotel ballroom, hundreds of booths lined the room, all of them featuring some act which tried to catch the attention of overwhelmed and overstimulated college students.

I could not believe it but I was literally pitching my genocide work next to a Build-a-Bear workshop and live pythons. How could I compete? For a moment, I wished that I was marketing something sexy and appealing.

At the conference I heard Caryl M. Stern, the President of the U.S. Fund for UNICEF, give an emotional talk about her work to save tho lives of millions of children around the world. She gave a powerful appeal for the room to commit their lives to something bigger.

The talk reminded me that in terms of emotional impact, we have a huge advantage over all the hundreds of confections that valium generic peddled at NACA. Ideas like justice and healing hit you deep and stay with you. They click here teh possibility of changing the course of your life.

Thank you to all of the students I met last week! I hope to see you again.