January 2007

All is Well

by socheata on January 3, 2007

Recently I’ve made the decision to cut the umbilical cord and quit my full time job at NBC News in order to be a filmmaker full time. Just that simple decision brought up a lot of fear and anxiety that is beyond the realm of what is rational.

Sometimes I would feel like this was the beginning of my real life. Like I was ready to take off like a rocket booster. Other times, I would ride the subway and look at all the New Yorkers around me, wondering how come they can be comfortable and secure and I cannot.

My mother, who is part of the minority of people in this country who have experienced losing everything, said to me, “I can’t believe I have a daughter who might be homeless.” That comment didn’t help things.

But what I’ve resolved for myself is that there’s a real difference between getting paid for your performance versus getting paid for your time. I’ll never be measured for my performance in this particular job. It’s a golden glass ceiling.

So here I go stepping into the unknown. And I choose to step into it from all is and will be well.