November 2006

There is no crying in doc filmmaking!

by socheata on November 28, 2006

While I was editing New Year Baby with my editor Sandra Christie, we sometimes would talk about why I made the film. And I’ve told her more often than not that I didn’t make it to win awards. I told her, “if we don’t get into Sundance, I won’t even cry.”

Well, I lied.

A few days ago, we found out that though the programmers repeatedly expressed respect for the film, we didn’t get an invitation. As I wrote an email to our crew, I shed a few tears, while searching for everyone’s in my contact list. I realized that I wasn’t crying out of disappointment that the most famous indie film festival in the world passed on us. I fest like I let our crew down.

Everyone who worked with us did so with sacrifices – and they were usually monetary. I wanted to be able to show my gratitude for their talent by bringing this film to the most visible level of success, so their work could be highlighted. And what Charles and I realized is that not getting into Sundance keeps us hungry. We’re even more motivated to make this film a creative and business success. And judging from the overwhelming response at IDFA, the sky is the limit.

Little did we know that IDFA audiences would rate NYB among the top 10 of more than 173 international films here. I am very proud.