July 2006

Speak Your Peace

by socheata on July 28, 2006

This past week, I attended SEARCAC’s (southeast Asian Resource Action Center) Leadership Training in DC. Over three days, we developed an advocacy agenda and it took it to Capitol Hill. I couldn’t how easy it was to waltz right into Capitol Hill and speak your peace. If the Congressperson’s staff is smart, they should be eager to hear what you have to say. Our group of six went to Sen. Hillary Clinton and Rep. Al Green’s office about the problem of mental health in the Southeast Asian community.

I met a lot of wonderful people at the training. And out of it, two projects have been birthed:

1. A Cambodian American women’s professional group called Bong Srei: Khmer Sisters.

A how-to guide on how to honor your parents in the traditional Khmer way.


What It Takes To Make a Film

by socheata on July 2, 2006

Sometimes when I feel overwhelmed by this project, I think to myself that I’m doing this all alone. It’s my responsibility to make the story work. It’s my responsibility as the director to make a compelling film that people will remember.

Yesterday Charles and I went through the credits list for the film. There were 194 lines! We couldn’t possibly acknowledge everyone who has ever volunteered at a fundraising party or given an hour of time.

I saw in the document the support it took to make this film happen. How presumptuous of me to ever think that I am alone.