May 2006

What’s a Film Without an Intern?

by socheata on May 23, 2006

We have our first intern Her name is Sara Newens and we met at a Women Make Movies event. Duties will include helping us with footage research, helping us coordinate fundraising events and petting our dog. Thanks Sara, in advance, for your enthusiasm and support.


A Flood of Support

by socheata on May 12, 2006

My editor Sandra and I have been noticing that my voice over is a little less than brilliant. It’s somewhere between the Today Show and VH1 Where Are They Now?

We were racking our brains, trying to think of a writing consultant. We came up with no one.

We sent out an email to filmmakers on our list.

We got 34 responses with people offering their help or referring me to someone else. Many of the people were strangers who totally got turned on to our project from the website. So many people want to contribute to the film. It’s wonderful to feel so supported.


Soundtrack to My Life

by socheata on May 3, 2006

We’ve been working recently with our composer, Gil Talmi. It’s such a delicious treat to have him write the perfect soundtrack for your life. I highly enjoy it. I have asked him to create honest and organic sounding music. I recently watched scenes that I have seen a lot of times. With the perfect music, it was like watching a brand new scene.