March 2006

She’s a Brickhouse

by socheata on March 30, 2006

The subject of my film – the story of how my family survived the Khmer Rouge genocide – took place a generation ago. Like a number of docs, we have the challenge of covering it for which there is no video, I’m not a big fan of the slow push into a black and white photo a la Ken Burns.

There is one anecdote I’m especially keen on illustrating. A childhood moment when my mother refused to tell me anything about her past and suddenly a brickwall. But this is a film; what would I show? Today, the guys at IMI (international Masonry Institute) in Long Island City came to my rescue by constructing a brickwall for us to shoot! Thank you to Dennis Holloway, Kenny LaValle, and Alfredo Reyes.


First Day for the NYB Blog!

by socheata on March 29, 2006

Thank you to Elliot Mebane from Roguish Studios and Kevin Johnson from Kintera for taking us live! to a blog about the making of my documentary film New Year Baby. In the future, you can come here to follow my journey from idea to PBS!.